About Us

Ice-Tech has been operating since 2003 providing a full range of skating lessons for all ages and most skating levels.
The best of skaters may have had humble beginnings. Getting started with ice skating is the tough part; Ice-Tech is here to help! We focus on fun and getting over any initial fears a skater may have.
Coaching children on the ice at any level or age requires patience, understanding and enthusiasm in addition to good coaching skills. The coaching staff has many years combined experience and most have a figure skating background as well. All of the coaches teach the Preschool Skating Lessons, Learn To Skate, Adult Learn To Skate and Junior Figure Skating lessons with the philosophy of maximizing the skater's movement on the ice, short but clear concise instruction and FUN!
Ice-Tech offers hockey skill development, called Hockey Fundamentals, for children who can skate reasonably well and are ready to progress past Learn To Skate.
Coach ratios are some of the lowest in the region and surrounding area. Our coaching ratios are as low as 3 to 1 for some Preschool levels or at the most 5 to 1. For the older children and/or adults it is 10 to 1.
At the end of each season we celebrate our skaters' accomplishments through a ribbon and certificate!
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